JFK50GT - A Day In Dallas
John F Kennedy GeoTrail
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The JFK50GT - A Day In Dallas is a series of physical caches set out at specific sites with historical significance relating the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. The GeoTrail was initially started during the year of the 50 anniversary of the event. Geocachers who find all the caches on the trail and submit the Passport form to the Friends of the GeoTrail will be entitled to recieve a recognition as described below in the guidelines.

  1. Geocachers wishing to complete the JFK50GT must have a copy of the most recent version of the Passport with them at each geocache location. Some locactions will require the geocacher to punch or stamp the card thereby acknowledging their presence at the location. Those locatons not requiring a punch or stamp will be stocked with a code to transcribe onto the official Passport.
  2. Recognition elements are limited to one per registered cacher/family. In order for any one household to receive more than one completion award, a formal request prior to completion of the trail must be made. Submit your request to any of the Friends of the GeoTrail contacts as listed on this website.
  3. Friends of the GeoTrail are the governing body and all decisions are final.
  4. Damaged or missing caches are still in play and geocachers should notify the Friends of the GeoTrail as soon as possible. Use the information on the Contact page to send notice. In the case of a missing cache, the only way to get full credit for the location is to either contact one of the Friends of the GeoTrail while still at the site or to take a very exact picture of True Ground Zero and forward it for approval. There is no guarantee that it will be approved and blurred or dark phots may not be accepted.
  5. Punches, stamps or codes placed in the wrong boxes may disqualify the entry.
  6. All caches in the JFK50GT series are active on Geocaching.com and can be logged when found. Please remember these are all active caches, so be sure and write your individual log notes just as you would on any other cache.
  7. There are plenty of non-JFK50GT caches that will be close by so be sure and visit as many as you can.
  8. Due to the historic locations, many of the JFK50GT caches are located in high-muggle traffic areas. Please use good judgemnent when retrieving and replacing them.
  9. Have fun, stay safe, read the cache pages, and learn something you didn't already know about this tragic event.
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You will need to have a copy of this with you as some caches may have punches, stamps or codes.

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