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Friday, November 29, 2013 12:53 IP: Write a comment

The final cache has been submitted and hopefully will pass muster. Having some difficulty regarding unlisted coords of close by caches (mystery caches and multis). Hopefully we are okay now.
If you are interested in more "inside" information on the events in Dallas that are discussed in the cache pages and the storyline on this site, check back to find new information. I will try to update the Tippit gravesite page with new info and photos this weekend. More info on his last day; his wife; and correspondence with Jackie Kennedy. Very interesting details that will hopefully bring the whole story into better focus, and do a little better job of making the events real and personal. I hope to write up more on The Egyptian and Jack Ruby as soon as possible. More after that on other topics.
We have intentionally focused on the events, and have tried to steer clear of conspiracy ideas and debates, mostly because we want this project to be fun for everyone, without alienating anyone with strong dissenting opinions from ours. I have 2 additional "bonus caches" in the works that will be just for fun, and one will address the conspiracy theories from my own personal viewpoint (I'm sure that will generate discussion!). This will not be something included on this webpage so that it doesn't detract from the intended focus of the original project. Another will be a catch-all cache of famous quotes and lesser known events surrounding Kennedy's death.
Thank you for all the good comments, and suggestions, and for pointing out some of our errors - keep them coming.
Last point: we did this as a "GeoTrail" rather than a GeoTour, because we could do so without paying several thousand dollars on an annual basis for marketing the series. Since we are not a business or Chamber of Commerce or such, just a few guys trying to do a good deed by providing a history of an important community event, we tried to focus our funds on the people who actually came out to enjoy the series, rather than spending money to attract more people. I can tell you that doing a series like this is a lot of fun. I've made new friends, worked closely with a few folks thus making better friends, and learned a great deal along the way. I would encourage every geocacher out there to try something similar. It makes geocaching richer, the community richer, and you'll make some friends along the way. Happy Thanksgiving!