JFK50GT - A Day In Dallas
John F Kennedy GeoTrail

JFK50GT #5: Trade Mart

JFK GeoTrail - A Day in Dallas

This geocache is part of a 14 cache GeoTrail series. To complete the GeoTrail, visit the website at http://www.jfk50geotrail.com and download the Passport. You will need to take the Passport with you to each cache and be ready to write, punch, or stamp the appropriate markings that are hidden in each cache. Once complete, follow the instructions to receive your commemorative token.

The JFK Memorial Eagle

After the motorcade on November 22, 1963, President Kennedy was scheduled to speak at a sold out crowd of 2,600 people for $2,000 a plate luncheon. This was the only stop on his two-day Texas trip that was classified as a political fundraiser. Instead of driving into the Trade Mart for this luncheon speech, his limousine sped on by, headed straight to Parkland. Like the rest of the nation, it took the people awaiting the President in the Trade Martís Grand Courtyard quite some time to figure out exactly what was happening. As news filtered in slowly, the crowd gathered into small groups trying to sort fact from fiction; news from unconfirmed rumors.

The Trade Mart is part of the Dallas Market Center, which also features the World Trade Center, the International Trade Plaza, and Market Hall. The center was begun in 1957 by Trammell Crow, and was last expanded in 1999. It does about $8 billion of business each year, providing the local Dallas economy with tax revenues of nearly $400 million.

In remembrance of this planned speech, English sculptor, Elisabeth Fink made a bronze eagle sculpture that sits atop a small pedestal just outside the entrance of the Trade Mart.

The Eagle sits atop its perch. A reminder of the speech that never came to be.