JFK50GT - A Day In Dallas
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JFK - A Day In Dallas

JFK50GT #14: Campisi's (The Egyptian)

JFK GeoTrail - A Day in Dallas

Jack Ruby frequently ate at this restaurant, including on the night before Kennedy was shot. He was friends with the owner. The two of them had enjoyed evenings out together at different clubs around Dallas. The owner of the restaurant was identified by the FBI as the head of the organized crime family in Dallas. While many of Dallas' elite entertainers, athletes, and politicians were wined and dined here, it was the mystery as a mob hangout that attracted many curious diners. The ties were of significant concern such that the owner was questioned both by the Warren Commission, and later by the House Select Committee on Assassinations. He acknowledged his association with Jack Ruby, but attempted to minimize that connection when questioned under oath. To this day, the alleged mob association provides much of the charm and mystery surrounding the restaurant.

The spot was called the Egytpian Lounge when the restaurant moved in. To save money, they just took down the "Lounge" part and added "Restaurant." This is the original sign.

While the restaurant was the first to serve pizza in Texas, much of their charm continues to be the suggestions mob intrigue, like this faux speakeasy door with privacy window and the low lighting maintained during business hours.