JFK50GT - A Day In Dallas
John F Kennedy GeoTrail
50th Anniversary of the JFK Assassination
Geotrail Concept

In the months preceeding the anniversay date of the Keenedy assassination, GeoGnasher (Ted) began investigating and exploring some of the facts and details that took place that fateful day in November 1963. During the course of his investigations, he uncovered many interesting facts and data that many of us may have never heard of or read about. His in-depth studies led him to encounter several living witnessess who shared their versions of that forever remembered day.

Armed with all this new information, Ted had the brilliant idea of creating a GeoTrail in honor of the 50th anniversary of the assassination, so he began his quest to make it happen. Tons and tons of research and in-depth readings took him to corners of the investigation that possibly many had never been put together. He met with witnesses and reporters who were there that day and saw things happening first hand. Throughout all of this, Ted kept an open mind and tried to piece together some of the events of the day when John Kennedy visited Dallas and how some of the characters played a role in sealing this day in the history books of all Americans for decades and milleniums to come.

Join us now in this trip through time where you will visit locations occupied by people you have heard about, read about and learned thoughout history books all your life. This is real American history and these are the caches of the JFK50GeoTrail.

Geotrail Storyline
JFK50GT #1: Love Field
JFK50GT #6: Dealey Plaza #1
JFK50GT #11: Texas Theater
JFK50GT #2: Love Field
JFK50GT #7: Dealey Plaza #2
JFK50GT #12: Officer Tippit Murder
JFK50GT #3: Craddock Park
JFK50GT #8: The Municipal Building
JFK50GT #13: Officer Tippit Gravesite
JFK50GT #4: Parkland
JFK50GT #9: Boarding House
JFK50GT #14: Campisi's
JFK50GT #5: Trade Mart
JFK50GT #10: Neely House
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