JFK50GT - A Day In Dallas
John F Kennedy GeoTrail
50th Anniversary of the JFK Assassination

The 14 caches of the JFK50 GeoTrail and the associated website were developed as a team effort by 3 geocachers. All the text has been researched from many sources and the writing is original. All of the contemporary photos were taken specifically for this project when we deployed the geocaches. One of the most exciting features of the research for this project was actually interviewing important people who were involved with the events of the day. Our interview subjects included:

  • - A Dallas Morning News reporter who was in the Kennedy motorcade, and who went into the Texas School Book Depository building with the first wave of police officers, and was present when they encountered Oswald on the second floor; when they found the 3 shell casings by the 6th floor window, and when they found the rifle down the hall from the window.

  • - A second Dallas Morning News reporter who was present at Dealey Plaza when the motorcade drove by. He was also present when Oswald was captured, and when Oswald was murdered.

  • - A long-time attorney for Jack Ruby, to whom Ruby gave the handgun he used to shoot Oswald. This retired attorney was a great source for information about what it was like in Dallas in the early 1960ís, especially with respect to organized crime, gambling, local politics, state of the Dallas Police Department, and some of the businesses, such as the nightclubs in Dallas, that operated on the edges of the law. Some of his stories were more outrageous than fiction.

  • - One of the doctors who treated President Kennedy in the Parkland Emergency Department.

  • - Several people who either worked in Dallas or who were children at the time, when they stood along Main Street with the crowds of spectators watching the motorcade procession work its way towards Dealey Plaza. They all described the excitement of the day, and total disbelief when they heard the President was shot.

In short, we came up with so much great information, that one of the hardest tasks was summarizing much of it, and deciding what to leave out. We could have told this story many ways. We hope you enjoy what we came up with. We welcome your comments and suggestions.